Thursday, August 30, 2012

Waterloo Students Rentals: Questions Landlords Can And Cannot Ask

Most students are unclear as to the information landlords can request from students during the housing application process. As a result, many students are taken advantage of and their applications for Waterloo student rentals are judged based on information they did not have to provide. Student focused property management companies are an effective option to avoid this situation. They always act professionally and never ask inappropriate questions. They are solely interested in finding each and every student off campus housing that meets their specific requirements.

However, if you have decided to attempt to find Waterloo student rentals on your own, the following is a list of questions that landlords can and cannot ask when you apply for student housing:

Questions landlords can ask

Landlords have the right to ask students for the following information during the screening process:

Questions about your current income and place of work

The number tenants that will be occupying the property. They can also request their names and contact information.

For references from past landlords. They can also ask for other references and their contact information.

For permission to conduct a credit check

If you have pets or are a smoker

Any other questions that will help them effectively assess you as a potential tenant. However, questions cannot infringe upon your rights as identified by law.

In terms of fees, landlords can request:

o First and last month's rent

o Key deposits

What Landlords cannot ask

Landlords do not have the right to ask potential student tenants about the following information when applying for Waterloo student rentals:

For your social insurance number

For a deposit to cover any damage that may occur

Personal questions related to:

o Your status (i.e. married, single, etc.)
o If you plan to have children
o Your age
o Your ethnic background or religion
o Your sexual preference
o Your legal status in the country

Any other questions that infringe on your rights as an individual.

If you believe your landlord is violating the law or infringing on your rights you have options. You can refer to the Ontario Residential Tenancy Act to determine if your rights as a tenant are indeed being violated. Another option is to contact the off campus housing unit at your school. They will be able to help you with any issues you have with your landlord. If any situation with your landlord does not sit well with you, don't be silent and allow yourself to be taken advantage of.

To avoid these potential issues, students attending school in the Waterloo area are now enlisting the services of student focused property management companies. Not only will students avoid having to deal one on one with landlords, using a professional company ensures students find suitable Waterloo student rentals. Student focused property management companies never ask inappropriate questions, understand the needs and requirements of student living, and have built their business around ensuring students find the best off campus housing option for their situation.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School Counselor Cover Letter

For those of you looking to find a lucrative and rewarding job as a school counselor, here is an example of a cover letter that will aid you in writing your own. Take a look.

A school counselor is the ear for student's problems in school. These problems could be career-related, personal, or study-related. A student can talk to a school counselor about problems with peer pressure, problems with choosing a career, difficulty studying or catching up with a particular subject, or even problems in the home in some cases. A school counselor not only hears out a student, but also provides the appropriate guidance to her/him so that her/his problem may be resolved. Such a professional may also serve as a mediator between the student and say a professor or a classmate, if there has been a miscommunication that has resulted in a major problem. As such, the prime job of a school counselor is to counsel students and aid their psychological development in a healthy manner. By implementing various techniques that help reduce their stress, school counselors help students grow with lesser pressure that they are prone to in today's day and time.

The job of a school counselor is highly rewarding, and those of you who wish to make a definite career in this field should know how to introduce yourselves to a potential employer. This you can do by writing a good cover letter that will get you an appropriate job. Given here is a sample of a cover letter for a school counselor that will help you write a good one yourself.

How to Write a Cover Letter: for School Counselors

The job of a school counselor is highly sensitive, which is why you should make the most of the cover letter you send to a prospective school, explaining why you would be the best candidate for the position. It is all you have to speak for you till you are granted a personal interview for further discussion. So, here's a sample you can go through to draft your cover letter on similar lines.
Sample Cover Letter for a School Counselor
Your Name
Address Contact Number: 0000-0000 E-Mail Address


Contact Name (Name of Hiring Manager)
Contact Designation
School Name
School Address
School City, State, Zip

Dear Ms./Mr. Last Name,

This letter is in response to the job posting that I have come across on the JKL website for a school counselor with your esteemed school. I understand that you are looking for someone with a good amount of experience working with children, and I can safely say that I may be able to fit the bill in more ways than one.

I have 6 years of work experience in the field and have primarily been working with children in high school. However, my expertise is not limited just to this lot and I can easily cater to the needs of children of any age group in school. My experience began as early as college, when I used to volunteer with school going children in orphanages, and would advice them on the social problems they faced in school. That is when I decided that being a school counselor was the perfect job for me.

Having started at an early age, I find that my expertise does in fact lie in helping students deal with social pressure, and helping them cope with the stress and frustration it brings. I have also been successfully able to help students improve their self-esteem by making them focus on past successes, so that they may be able to garner the strength for future aspirations. I don't think age has any role to play when it comes to warming up to students. So long as they can find a mentor and a guide in someone, they are likely to open up to them.

I believe my aforementioned skills will be an asset to your school, and that I will definitively be able to contribute to the psychological growth and personality development of the children at an individual level, as well as to meet the expectations of the school from students who pass out from it. I assure you that I am a highly dedicated professional who understands the sensitivity of the position as a school counselor. Do feel free to call me on the number mentioned above to arrange an interview and discuss this position at length, at your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Encl: Resume

Since your resume will talk about your experience in detail, focus your letter on your personality traits and your previous experience with kids. This will boost your prospects for an interview, and is likely to have you land that coveted job. Good luck!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Corporate Uses For A Digital Frame

A digital frame can be a very effective way of scheduling daily information sharing for companies. With time, these useful tools will become more flexible versions of traditional display devices in businesses everywhere as they can be used in so many different business environments for commercial purposes. Offices, department stores, schools, hospitals, banks, and even buses can all make use of digital frames to reach out to their customers in order to provide valuable information in a unique way.

Power point is a useful tool to produce slides to display as a slideshow. Once the interval setting for the slideshow has been adjusted, files can simply be browsed with the remote control. This done, then all is set for display of the latest offers. A digital frame can be placed at the entrance to an office or store presenting items for sale, special sales discounts or new products. Real estate agents can display photos of their current listings. They are less expensive to run, take up less space and there is no need to hook up to a computer.

Any sales-oriented business such as a car dealership can provide instant rapport with prospective customers by introducing the members of the sales team with their photos displayed on a digital frame. In itself, the digital photo frame is another form of the 'Silent Sales Person,' to inform customers of the benefits and pricing of specific items. In a travel agency a photo display of images from selected vacation destinations, or hotel offerings, could help win a customer's approval and sell a vacation package. A digital photo keychain, with products stored in inventory can be given to clients and prospective clients as a valuable marketing instrument, as well as an attention-getting promotional gift.

Commercial uses for a digital frame is in restaurants are priceless. What better way to display mouth-watering meals or desserts than with a dynamic digital display! For businesses such as rug and wood restoration, vehicle repair, even hairdressing salons the frames can include "before and after" shots of restored antiques or cleaned and repaired oriental rugs or whatever service they offer. Also when placed at the front desk of a service business, the digital photo frame can be used to display the array of services offered in a pleasing photo slideshow with music and text added. This would be an excellent way to help keep a client or customer occupied while waiting their turn to be helped. The waiting room in a doctor's or dentist's office could offer the latest information on current flu outbreaks or warnings about drug interactions. At the specialist's office, the latest treatments available for specific diseases could be displayed.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tax Advantages And Disadvantages Of Investing In Master Limited Partnerships

What's unique about master limited partnerships?

Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) are absolute in that they embody the tax benefits of a limited partnership with the liquidity of common stock. While a MLP has a partnership arrangement, it also issues tradable units that may be bought and sold on a securities exchange.

Why are not more companies structured as master limited partnerships?

There is a issue why all companies are not master limited partnerships there are strict criteria, as detailed by the Tax Reform Act of 1986 and the Revenue Act of 1987, that restrict which companies may arrangement themselves as MLPs. altogether speaking, a firm must earn 90% of its income through activities or interest and dividend payments relating to natural resources, commodities or real estate to qualify as a MLP.

How is a master limited partnership structured?

A MLP has two kinds of partners - the limited partners (the investors) and the general partner (the managers). limited partner invests capital into the venture and obtains periodic cash distributions, commonly periodical and as a result called required distributions (), the general partner oversees the MLP's operations and receives agitational distributions rights (IDRs). The investors also receive shares of the annual income depending on number of units owned.

What are the tax implications of investing in master limited partnerships?

MLPs, by the awful nature of their arrangement, utilize a number tax advantages. Being a partnership, they keep away from both federal and state corporate taxes. For an individual investor, while the share of the annual income is taxed at the personal tax rate, the periodical distributions are not, but considered as reductions in the investment's cost basis and produce a tax accountability that can be deferred until the security is sold.

Investors frequently get exceeding cash payments than the amount upon which they are taxed, creating an adequate means of tax deferral. As per a 2003 report by Wachovia Securities, the taxable income passed on to investors often is only 10-20% of the cash allotment, while the other 80-90% is deemed a return of capital and departed from the actual cost basis of the endorse investment.

Tax-exempt investment vehicles like pensions, endowments and 401(k) plans are restricted from owning MLPs because the cash distributions received are intended dissimilar business taxable income (UBTI) - income that is unrelated to the activity that gives the fund tax-exempt status. If the annual cash allotment crosses 00, it will be subject to tax. Therefore, when investing in MLPs, invest through a brokerage account and not an IRA account.

How can you calculate the performance of a master limited partnership?

One metric to measure the accomplishment of a MLP is its Cash Flow Coverage Ratio, calculated as follows:

Net Income + Depreciation, Amortization & Other non-cash expenses -
Maintenance Capital Expenditure
Cash Flow Coverage Ratio= ___________________________________________________________
Total Distributions

If this ratio is below 1, the MLP is not generating adequate cash to fund distributions., and should be avoided.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Why Are Joint Ventures The Hottest Trend In Business History: 3 Unspoken Reasons

Joint ventures are the hottest business trend right now and will be well into the future. In fact Common Wealth Alliance says 25% of ALL Revenue, more than Trillion comes from Joint Ventures. Isn't it about time your company learned how to use a joint venture strategy. Shouldn't your company be benefiting from it now?

Hands down, joint ventures are the fastest way to grow your business, find more customers, gain exposure and launch your product or service. You can cut out advertising expenses and save thousands of dollars while sharing risk with a JV partner.

Thomson Financial said, This may be the most powerful trend in the history of business in the America's and fast becoming world-wide! besides what I have told you so far, why are joint venture so hot right now?

Here are 3 unspoken reasons why JV's are dominating the business front and have become the standard practice of business.

JV's don't require a banks help, credit, approval or loan to produce or launch a product.

If you understand the JV protocol and have a place you can go to create alliances then you can launch your business or product without the banks money or credit. Entrepreneurs are quickly learning how to open and conduct business by learning to cooperate with each other. Big corporations to small startups are combining their skills talents and credibility to implement usable products and services totally bypassing the need for a bank. This creates a stronger company bases because companies begin and grow being debt free and saving on what would have been interest payments. Learning to work together these strategic alliances are helping entrepreneurs all around the world in emerging markets begin to develop wealth and global goodwill.

Entrepreneurs are learning to work together

There is a new economy growing where it is understood that working together vs. competing against each other is how business can become a win/win around the world. This abundant thinking style of entrepreneurship has taken over the business forefront and is where our current business leadership is going. Entrepreneurs, CEO's Executives, and Business owners of all kinds from home based to fortune 500 are starting to come together and meet to discuss what possibilities can be created. Places such as the Private Joint Venture Club are becoming so popular because CEO's and Entrepreneurs don't want to spend the time hunting for a joint venture when they can just create one right now. The private JV club is growing fast as more and more entrepreneurs find a home where they can conduct the business of creating a joint venture to make money now vs. using Social networking to hunt and sift through thousands and thousand of companies hoping to find one entrepreneur whose product is compatible to create a JV with.

Elegance and Class have comeback to the business environment:

With abundant thinking entrepreneurs learning to work together to grow their businesses together so everyone wins, a new mindset and business acumen has arisen. You build friendships and alliances that last many, many years. With joint venture clubs business has become fun again. You are working with friends and colleagues who want to see your business grow and you will also want to see how their business is growing. Joint ventures have become a thriving business model that is the standard for doing business. It a new mindset, a new skill set and a global business innovation that, when you implement it, will bring you a success like no other and a life style of friends, colleagues and an environment of class. I would invite you to come join the fun.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Much Can I Borrow From Online Loan Lenders?

Let's say that payday is several days away and your car breaks down. You could borrow money from a friend or family member and have to endure the embarrassment and agony of having everyone know you needed cash. The simple truth is that most people want to have a savings account in case of an emergency, but most are unable to set aside the cash on a regular basis to keep an account going. That is why there are online loan lenders to help people get the money they need without embarrassment.

People often wonder how much they can actually borrow from online loan lenders. That answer depends on several factors. First of all, if you are going to get money from online loan lenders, then only get what you need. You will have to pay that loan back with your next paycheck, so piling on the loan balance is not a good idea. Determine exactly how much you need to cover only your emergency bills and then ask to borrow just that much.

Online loan lenders usually have a maximum amount they will lend. The amount can vary from lender to lender, but in most cases it is around ,000. When you consider that you are only talking about a short-term loan to take care of an emergency expense, then that kind of a ceiling is more than adequate. If you have to borrow more than that, then you probably have an issue that requires a bit more complicated financial solution.

Most online loan lenders will limit how much you can borrow based on how much money you make each month. But it is important to remember that online loan lenders do not do a credit check and they usually have very lenient borrowing guidelines. As long as you meet the minimum income requirements to be approved for a loan, then it is unlikely that you will be denied for the amount that you need.

When you need quick money in desperate situations, then online loan lenders can be an excellent solution. All you have to do to get the process started is fill out an online loan application that only takes a few minutes and then submit the application. You will get a response within a few business hours to your request and you may need to answer some questions over the phone. You will need to have a valid checking account and, in some states, you will also need a valid driver's license.

Once you have gone through the initial process of applying, you will be given a set of payment options to consider. Most people do not realize that payday loans give clients options on how they want to pay the loan back. After you have analyzed the options and made your choice, then you will see the money in your checking account within one business day or less. It is a convenient, simple and discrete way of getting the emergency cash you need to handle those issues that always seem to come up when payday is still several days away.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

What Type Of Loan Is An Auto-loan?

There are essentially two types of loans, loans based around a predefined number of monthly payments and those in which repayment is scheduled around some other factor (such as revenue, profits, payment in full, etc). An auto-loan is typically a loan that is based around a predetermined number of payments. These loans are referred to as installment loans.

So, what makes one auto-loan different from the next? How do you decide what kind you want? You may have noticed that often a loan with fewer payments also has a lower interest rate. So perhaps a 36 month loan will cost 5.5% interest per year, whereas a 60 month loan may cost 6%. Why the difference in interest rate and how does it effect you? The reason shorter loans have lower interest is because you are paying them back faster. The quicker the bank is repaid the less likely you are to default on the loan, and if you do default the higher the percentage of payments you've already made.

They try to encourage you to pay back the amount owed faster by offering a slightly lower interest rate. But that is not the only thing that saves you money. If the total amount owed is paid back more quickly, there is less interest applied to each payment. The less interest you pay the less you pay in total for the loan. This can save you thousands of dollars over borrowing for say 60 months instead of 36. Definitely something you should consider next time you consider buying a vehicle.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Retrieve Password on ASUS Eee Pad Tablet

Apple's iPad 2 maybe the hottest thing on the hip-happenin' trendy tablet block, but Asus isn't that behind with its own version, currently dubbed the Eee Pad. Till April 2011, this computer has occupied a considerable market share. In this article, we will learn how to retrieve ASUS EPad Password.
Retrieve asus eee pad tablet password
What is ASUS Eee PC?

Asus Eee PC is a subnotebook/netbook computer line from ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated, and a part of the Asus Eee product family. At the time of its introduction in late 2007, it was noted for its combination of a light weight, Linux operating system, solid-state drive and relatively low cost. Newer models have added the option of Windows operating system and traditional hard disk drives.

The first Eee PC was a milestone in the personal computer business, launching the netbook category of small, low cost laptops. According to Asus, the name Eee derives from "the three Es," an abbreviation of its advertising slogan for the device: "Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play".
Some of ASUS's hot products

Eee Pad: Eee Slate EP121, Eee Pad Transformer TF101

Eee PC: Eee PC T91, Eee PC 1000HD

EeeBox PC: EeeBox PC B201, EeeBox PC EB1502
How to Regain Password on ASUS Eee Pad Tablet?

There are 2 passwords in an EPad, a bios password, an Operation System password. We will separately discuss the 2 cases.
Bios Password

Bios password is setting on the bios config, we can press Del button during loading the PC to enter bios config menu, then remove the bios password. Sometimes, you don't know the bios password, look this guide: "Top 3 methods to crack bios password!".

Tips: As we know, EPad uses touch screen. We could connect it with a USB keyboard to press Del button.
Operation System Password
We can install many OS on an ASUS tablet, for example: Linux, Unix, MAC OS, Windows. Here we discuss only windows.

1. Download Windows Password Recovery Tool (free trial).

2. Install and run it.

3. Create a password reset disk. A CD/DVD disk, or a USB Flash Disk, depend on the locked ASUS PC's support.

4. Boot the locked ASUS computer from the password reset disk.
Note: You may need to config bios setting to set it boot from the password reset disk. The 2 articles can help you.
a. Boot from the CD/DVD-ROM
b. Boot from the USB Flash Drive

5. On the password recovery Windows, select the user account that you forget its logon password, click "reset" button.

6. Confirm you action, then that user's password will be removed.

7. Disconnect the password reset disk, and reboot your ASUS computer. You will access Windows OS without password ( blank password ).

Get away from the troubles of forgetting ASUS PC Password, no matter it is bios/cmos password or Windows password.

1. The Windows Password Recovery Tool supports all versions of Windows OS, including Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, 2008. It is popular way of regain your password, even you don't have a password reset disk.

2. Keep in mind that this tool can be only used on your own computer, never try to use it to crack PC password without permission. Otherwise, you will get into trouble by law.

3. You can create a ASUS Eee Pad Password Reset disk before you forget password.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Information About Loan Modifications

For all those people who are having difficulties making their mortgage payments and maybe even missed mortgage payments, a home loan modification may be the answer. A loan modification is a way to avoid foreclosure without declaring bankruptcy or using any other tactics for that matter. It can solve almost everything. It can waive late payment fees, help make your home loan current again in case you are late and reduce your monthly payments to something you can afford.

Are you asking yourself what a loan modification is and how you can get one? It's really quite simple. A mortgage loan modification is where your bank agrees to make a permanent change in your loan, commonly for the benefit of retaining the property owner in the house. For those homeowners who are struggling to make their monthly payments, a loan modification can reduce your monthly premiums (with rates as low as 2%), extend your loans terms (a Thirty year loan to a 40 year loan), waive any additional fees and in some cases even reduce your principal balance. Usually, loan companies use the first three ways to reduce your monthly premiums and a principal reduction is not needed to make your payments more affordable, but they do happen.

Getting qualification for a modification does not mean you must be in foreclosure or in other dire straits. You can apply for a mortgage loan modification at just about any time, whether you are all caught up on your bills or have abruptly lost a source of income or had a medical or family crisis that left you not able to pay. The first thing you ought to do is make contact with an attorney so you're able to find out exactly what laws apply in your state, and what federal incentives there are for the bank to help you out.

The federal government has set-aside funds for loan companies, as incentives to get them to work with property owners. This means banks have a great reason to want to assist you and come up with a modification with you. It isn't always uncomplicated to fit into their guidelines, nonetheless they all have programs set up that will help you.

The hardest part for homeowners is definitely getting the mortgage loan modification approved. With zero previous experience in dealing with home loan modifications, it can be hard to recognise how to fit into your lenders guidelines for acceptance.

If one makes a telephone call to your mortgage company not really prepared, you might be refused a loan modification right then. If you feel uncomfortable dealing with this procedure by yourself, you should consult a professional who can at the very least assist you to ready your paperwork for you to present to your mortgage lender.

To talk to a specialist who is able to help take you step-by-step through the process, vist the links below. You are also able to read reviews of companies who can help.